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What type of TV mount do I need for my TV?

When choosing a TV mount, you should know what styles are available and what will best fit your project needs. There are a number of different options out there, including stationary or fixed mounts, tilting, and full motion/swivel/articulating mounts. Here are some pros and cons of each:

A FIXED MOUNT may work best for those who want simplicity and do not have any equipment to be connected, but prefer to just use the smart features of your TV. The biggest downside to a fixed mount, is that because they sit so close to the wall, there is not enough wiggle room for wires or rearranging connections. They can be very troublesome when you have to have service done to the TV, as you must remove the TV from the wall and disconnect the cables, while holding the TV (usually a 2 person job). For this reason, I never recommend these type, for my installs.

A TILTING MOUNT is one of the most popular types that I install. You can get them in 16" and 24" sizes, so make sure you know the distance between your studs, before you buy. They sit close to the wall and allow you to tilt the TV up or down (some only tilt down, make sure before you buy), with enough room to tuck those ugly cables behind or even mount a small cable box to back of the TV with some sticky velcro. This is one of the best methods of keeping things hidden when you have the convenience of really small set top boxes. With a tilting mount, service becomes a snap, because you can tilt the TV up and have enough room for your hand to move the cables around and actually see what you're doing, for the most part. When you are choosing a tilting mount, be sure to select one in which, the mount itself, is one solid piece and not several parts that need to be bolted together. Those kind may be cheaper, but they can tend to twist and bend in and out at the joints, thereby compromising the integrity of your install and you risk having your TV fall down and tear up the wall on the way. Saving a buck here or there, on a mount could wind up costing you a whole new wall and TV! So always ask a professional, if you are unsure.

SWIVEL MOUNTS, also called full motion or articulating, are more versatile and suit the needs of those who prefer to have more than one direction of viewing, when watching TV. With these type, you can enjoy TV in the living room and simply pull it out and turn it away from the wall, when you have to go check on dinner. These are the best for hiding cables when you have several pieces of equipment, because you can adjust the profile easily, when things are getting tight. They are also the best method for custom designed walls that may have unusual angles or when you like to watch TV both from the couch on the lanai and the other side of the pool. These type of mounts have many different styles, like single arm or dual arm and can have a few different ways to attach the TV, while allowing variations in TV size and even direction of motion (for a tall fireplace install, some move out and down vs. side to side), and some are even designed to fit into a corner and still allow flexibility of positioning. The single arm, as in above left pic, are for a single stud install and should only be used with very light TV's. The dual arm, as in below right pic, can be found in 14" up to 24" on avg. Because the 14" are intended for solid wall installs (concrete, brick, etc.), you need to be sure that you have at least a 16" to 24" mount, if you're mounting to studs and know the distance between them.

When choosing a swivel mount, one should carefully discern whether or not centering will be an issue, as some of the arm placements do not allow you to center the TV between the spaces when it is in the flush with the wall, position. Some of the single arm mounts, usually only have 3 bolts, in a straight up and down fashion, which means you can only mount it on a single stud. Sometimes studs are not centered, when you need them to be and other times they are perfectly centered, when you need them off by a few inches. Single arm mounts can be bothersome with heavier TV's as they have a small pivot point and tend to not stay level when moved around. For this reason I do not use them, except for very small, very light TV's. I recommend the dual armed swivel on almost all of my full motion installs. They are sturdier and tighter at the pivot, allowing incremental adjustments of tilt and leveling that will generally stay put, even when moved in and away from the wall.

When selecting any style of mount, it is a good idea to know your TV's size, weight, preferred position and location in the room as well as the name brand and model #. Some certain brands like Sony, Sharp or Insignia can have abnormally shaped backs and require a proprietary mount ordered direct from the manufacturer. Most models of Samsung, Vizio and Phillips have a more standardized hole pattern and are flat backed, allowing for a universal mount to be used. The two that I generally use (tilting or dual armed swivel), vary in range from a 32" to 70" and can hold 165 lbs. on the tilt and 110 lbs. on the swivel. So if you decide to change your TV size later on, you will not have to buy another mount for it. Anything larger than 70" will require a custom order.

I hope I have helped guide you through the maze of mounts available, but if some of you are still lost, you can always give me a call (352-502-7355).

Until then, happy hunting, good luck and God bless.

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* TV Mounting and Surround Sound Installs

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* Patio Decks, Gazebos, Pergolas

* Attic Flooring and Attic Ladder Installation

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* Minor Plumbing (faucet install, drains unclogged or repaired, water filter installation)

* Painting and Pressure Washing

* Furniture Assembly and Moving

* Picture, Shelf and Mirror Hanging

* C. Fan Install

* Illuminating Decorations (Under cabinet LED lights, landscaping lights)

* Kitchen remodeling and installation (back-splashes, cabinets, overhead microwaves, dishwashers, garbage disposals)

* Faux stone installation 

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